Describe your day smoking with 2WNTY3- Where did you go/ what did you do? 

Started the day off meeting up with my best bud, Alexis Gross. We grabbed a coffee and took a hit from the pen. Hit it too hard and got a bit stoned but it was just what I needed to take the edge off  as I was a bit stressed about my job I was working on. I work as a stylist and was prepping for a music video so had a long list of places to go and clothing to get. First stop was a rental house in Beverly Hills where I had to make a pull. This place is crazy and has a bunch of designer pieces that are really fun and inspiring to look through. From there we went to Hollywood blvd to scope out any vintage pieces I could find at Iguana. We strolled down the strip to take a look at some of the sex stores where I came up on a bunch of great outfits for this shoot. We took a break, got some food and then I had to keep working. Spent the rest of the evening painting on a jacket and creating looks before the big shoot day the next morning!

1) Where are you from? Current residency?

Currently in LA for the moment but my home base is in NYC. Originally from the Bay Area and grew up in Oakland.

2) How long have you been smoking for?

LOL Been smoking since I could. Remember the first time I smoked on the sidewalk in front of my favorite taqueria and being mad young, like 13?

3) What is your preferred strain? (Indica/ Sativa/ Hybrid)-- or do you use a mix?

I like a Sativa since I'm always working and on the go. I can't get too faded while working so I'll take a hit here and there throughout the day. At night, when I'm off tho, I'll smoke till my lungs can't take it anymore. 

4) What is your trade? Does cannabis enhance your ability to execute your craft?

I work as a stylist, photographer, and jewelry maker and cannabis definitely helps the creative workflow. It inspires me when I smoke and unlike other people, it wakes me up and gets me pumped on creating throughout the day.

5) Does smoking help any ailments for you?  Or do you use it strictly for recreational purposes?

Smoking helps with any ailments I have and I smoke so frequently its hard to say. The main purpose is to alleviate my stress and to stay chill especially in NYC where it can get real hectic!

6) Do you feel like you'd be able to operate at a normal capacity without cannabis?

I think so.... But don't plan on it. 

7) Is there anything you'd like to see change within the cannabis industry? Or how smoking marijuana is perceived? 

I would like to see it legal and safe for everyone. NYC is hectic with the smoking and wish I were legal there so we don't have to keep it so cute all the time. 

8) If you could put together a starter kit- (Edibles/ Concentrates/ Flower) + Music + Activity what does that look like?

A blunt, Mac Dre in my Cadillac, cruising. My favorite thing in the world.

9) Words you live by? If any?

Smoke good, eat good, live good

10) Any links you'd like included to your work or site?

Follow Miyako on instagram & tumblr

Ace H.